Pritchard out! Pritchard out!

I can’t believe I sat through that Mrs Pritchard thing this evening. When it wasn’t insulting the entire male gender, it was throwing every non-nonsense-Northern-lass cheesy cliché into the pot. That’s before we get onto the factual and procedural errors – Blair standing at the next election? Peter Snow showing exit poll predictions on his big coloured map during daylight hours – ie before the polls closed? (Actually, Peter Snow doing it at all?) But my favourite moment of all was the sight of the ballot paper – with the ‘United Kingdon Independance’ candidate listed above the eponymous heroine. Check it on your Sky+ box… that’s what it said. Ouch.

Oh… and hastily getting back on topic… no online element to her campaign whatsoever. In this day and age? I ask you.

On your TV next Tuesday at 9pm: how about Danny Wallace’s attempts to secure human rights for chimps? Probably more entertaining, more politically relevant, and more entertaining.

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