Because politics on TV is such a ratings winner

Oh… and one can’t help noticing that Guido Fawkes is also (imminently) getting in on the video content game.

So send in digital videos from video-cameras, webcams or even phone-cameras. As long as it is political and isn’t boring, Guy News TV is here… Email videos (in any format) to [email protected]. Keep ’em short and snappy.

I’d love to think this is a new way to expand political coverage – but I suspect it’ll be more like Dennis Pennis. Stupid walkabout stunts, pain-in-the-arse questions at press conferences, comedy demonstrations at meetings, etc. All very amusing, I’m sure.

With this, 18 Doughty Street (which must surely be better than its agonisingly cheesy trailer, doom-laden voiceover and all), and now Webcameron, you won’t be short of stuff to look at. Whether it’s worth your time is entirely another matter.

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