BBC forgets Mrs Pritchard's web address

Well done to the UK Independence Party* for a cute little stunt in connection with tomorrow night’s new BBC1 political drama thing, The Amazing Mrs Pritchard. It’s the story, if you haven’t seen it previewed, of a supermarket manager(ess) who ends up Prime Minister within a matter of days through only-just-plausible methods.
Her party is the Purple Alliance – but the Beeb didn’t get round to registering the predictable web address (or indeed .org). One Chad Noble of political site UKIPhome bagged it on Sunday afternoon, and there’s a barebones web page up there already, describing UKIP as the non-fictional equivalent – ‘a real voice of opposition, whose values form an alliance of libertarian and small ‘c’ conservative values.’
The Beeb did remember to register – over three months ago. (Nothing there yet, though.) But any political knowledge would have revealed the political preference for the .org domain. D’oh!
* Update: Apparently it’s not an official UKIP thing, but the action of one particular member. Still, fair play. (Thanks for letting me know via the comments.)

7 thoughts on “BBC forgets Mrs Pritchard's web address”

  1. Sorry – you are mistaken Mr Chad Noble’s site is in no way connected with or endorsed by the UK Independence Party. Mr Noble was a member of the Conservative Party before leaving and forming three seperate political parties and then joining UKIP earlier this year. Mr Noble has his own agenda for progressive conservatism and his UKIPhome site is his attempt to try and steer UKIP into a right wing small c conservative position. Obviously he has put the backs up of a whole host of UKIP members. Especially if you examine his site in a bit more detail and read the following posts. Accusing fellow UKIP members of plotting his murder and MI5 spy allegation – the words ferrets in a sack spring to mind and something about picnics and sandwiches! So please do not congratulate the UK Independence Party for it is not their initiative – rather one new member trying to make a name for himself.

  2. I doubt if UKIP will gain power in 3 months with their ‘purple’ alliance! Unfortunately our party is in self destruct mode at the moment following our recent leadership election – as we are mostly ex-tories we have bought this habit along with us to UKIP. I do hope our Leader Nigel Farage can turn UKIP around as our member ship has slumped from 30,000 to just 16,000. It is great you are giving us free publicity like this and may bring us much neded new members and most importabtly some cash. Keep up the good work.

  3. Er, thanks Al… but can I state for the record, I’m not – nor have I ever been – a supporter of UKIP. (If anything, quite the opposite!) But I can’t help applauding the initiative shown here. Sure it’s cheeky, but more than just being cheeky for the sake of it. Other higher-profile political bloggers should take note.

  4. I believe it will benefit Popular Alliance more than UKIP, I hear they have added “purple” to their meta keywords. With UKIP supporters leaving in droves because it’s now recognised as just a single issue pressure group and not a serious political party, I very much doubt Mrs Pritchard or anyone else could help UKIP, if it cannot make an impact after 12 years in domestic politics then it never will. I will be watching tonights show though, it sounds great fun

  5. The Popular Alliance are nothing more than UKIP cast offs – you would be better skuttling back to Veritias or whatever hole you crawled out of. UKIP is the future of Britian you mark my words – its people like you that give the populist nationalist movement a bad name – better still join the BNP – you really would be at home there.

  6. Really Al Dermot, I thought we were talking about a TV program, and would it benefit UKIP, so rather than make unfounded allegations, I suggest you take a look at today‚Äôs resignation letter of Richard Suchorzewski, and as in my previous post, I say again, UKIP is no more than a silly little ex tory pressure group and the public watching the TV show will see through the sham of UKIP and heed Mr Camerons famous words of “Fruitcakes, Loonies and Racists”

  7. I’m closing the comments on this one, guys. By all means, continue the debate – but please, somewhere more appropriate.

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