Having problems with Typepad's lastn attribute?

A word of warning to TypePad template designers. If you’re trying to use ‘MTEntries lastn’ to specify the number of blog posts to pull out, it stops counting after 30 days. If you haven’t written anything in the last 30 days, you’ll get an empty list.

This came as news to me, having spent the best part of an hour tweaking every conceivably connected option to try and make it work. I keep a spare blog under password-protection for development purposes, but none of the sample posts in there were within the 30 day limit. Hence the blank page.

Yes, of course I’d looked up the Typepad documentation to see what might be causing it. So of course I’m more than disappointed that nobody has thought to mention this, in the nine months (or more?) since the change was apparently implemented. Thank heavens for the blogosphere. I’d still be hacking away if I hadn’t found this.

Typepad – I expect more from a paid service. When you take my money, the expectations rise exponentially. But that is no excuse. Sort it.

By way of comparison: I sent some feedback to wordpress.com this morning. It was a bit of a stupid point on reflection… if I’d bothered to look, I’d have found the solution to my problem on the ‘Options’ page. I got an email within hours from the mighty Podz (hi Podz) explaining why my suggested solution wouldn’t work, and recommending a better one. This is on a free service. WordPress 1, Typepad 0.