More free web intelligence

Another source of statistical goodness: Hitwise has opened a collection of ‘data centers’, giving a free teaser of the sort of information they collect. The UK one is here (and I’m not even going to gripe about the spelling of ‘center’ – oops); the US one is here. Granted, there isn’t much here in terms of volume, and you know a lot of it already anyway – but it’s worth bookmarking nonetheless. It’s nice to have one-click access to the most popular search terms for various industry sectors, for example.

Of course, it’s still w-a-y short of the intelligence on offer – free of charge – from Yahoo’s Overture ad network. This page will tell you the exact number of search queries across their network for a given keyword, and queries containing that keyword. Sure, it’s only Yahoo, so it’s based on less than 10% of all searches… but it’s surely enough to be considered representative. I still think this is the web’s best kept secret.

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