Labour's blog-forum fusion

Thanks to Stuart Bruce for pointing to the new Labour blog ‘Let’s Talk: Renewing Labour‘. Party chair Hazel Blears invites you to ‘put forward your views on how we renew our party and deliver to the next generation a party which is fighting fit and ready for the future’. From there, it’s basically a blog that wants to be a discussion forum. And it’s a bit on the purple side. I think it works. (Although not perhaps the purple.)

The ‘posts’ act as introductory texts (and are by definition read-only), with readers invited to add their opinions below. It’s quite a nice way to offer a focused forum (presumably with a degree of post-moderation)… and one has to assume it’s much quicker to set up and manage than a proper forum arrangement. Oh, and it’s another new type of blog to add to the list. Interesting to see what volume and level of comments it gets.