Innocent Drinks' inevitable blog

Spotted as Typepad’s blog of the day (or whatever it is) – Innocent Drinks, makers of fine smoothie beverages, which I would happily live on if they were a bit cheaper.
I’ve always loved their style of communication – very chatty, more like a postcard from your mate than corporate-speak, even down to the list of ingredients on the label. So I guess it was always going to embrace the blog thing. And they do it very successfully – humanising the brand, explaining the policies, etc etc. An example well worth following.
Yet another corporate blogger on Typepad, incidentally. That £70-a-year price tag, for full ‘pro’ privileges, is just too good to turn down.

One thought on “Innocent Drinks' inevitable blog”

  1. Simon – well spotted and good to see another company adding a blog to their marketing mix. As you say, it’s actually an ideal fit for Innocent Drinks and slots in nicely to the whole branding concept that they have.
    If I was going to be critical, there’s no need for them to show it runs on Typepad but instead just incorporate it as a folder on their site, but I guess that’s just being picky! On the other hand, that is my job. 🙂
    Enjoy reading your blog here and if you have other UK business blogs you think are good then please let me know – I have a spotlight on UK blogs on my site most weeks and will also be publishing a full list on an open site so that we can all have a look through them.
    All the best, Mark

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