Britain's favourite blogs

Hitwise’s Heather Hopkins always has interesting insight… this time, she reveals Britain’s Top 10 blogs. So what is everybody reading? Silly videos, a sex diary, celebrity gossip, soccer (with Arsenal topping Liverpool, ha!)… and politics. Mainly right-of-centre politics too. I’m intrigued to note that 7 of the 10 are UK-based.

It’s also worth pointing out that the ‘serious’ blogging platforms – Typepad, – don’t make the top ten blog platforms. The market seems to be dominated by Windows Live (ie MSN) Spaces and Myspace, with Livejournal leading the chasing group. If I can generalise outrageously for a moment… those are what you’d probably call kids’ sites. The younger generation is growing up with blogs as part of their normal media diet.

(It’s probably worth echoing Heather’s caveat: ‘we are reporting website visits, and not blog readers such as RSS and ATOM feeds.’)