Is Sky's heart really in online?

I still can’t help wondering – is Sky’s heart really in the online business? Today’s announcement of free broadband is definitely a good deal, and a big one – as Chris Price writes on Tech Digest, it nails shut the coffin of ‘paying the best part of £30 for connection speed of 2Mb/s or even slower’. The ability to set your Sky+ box over the mobile airwaves, and shortly over the web, are potentially awesome developments. I don’t think they get enough credit for their Sky By Broadband service, either.

But where’s the content, guys? So far it’s been more than a little lacking. Adam Boulton’s weekly podcast seems to have died a death – despite the last four weeks surely giving more than enough material worth discussing. Technofile is surely crying out for special treatment, but no – just a rehash of what went out on air. Let’s hope they’re using the downtime between football seasons to come up with something special.