Moving Picasa photos to Flickr

My photo management software of choice is still Picasa – although only with reservations, as I think there are a few things it could be doing better. My photo website of choice is still Flickr… if you’ve ever used it, you’ll know why. But how do you make Google’s photo product talk to Yahoo’s photo product?

The answer is staggeringly simple – and another example of how Flickr just keeps getting it right. I discovered yesterday, whilst demoing to my mother in law, that it’s possible to drag-and-drop from the main Picasa window into the Flickr Uploadr application. (Definitely on Windows XP, anyway.) Bingo – best of both worlds!

I’m tending to use Flickr as the place for my ‘best of’ collection; the stuff I think other people might possibly be interested in seeing. Everything else stays on my hard disk, and is catalogued in Picasa. I’ve got icons for Uploadr and Picasa on my otherwise minimalist desktop, for ease of access.

One thought on “Moving Picasa photos to Flickr”

  1. try Picasa Web Albums 😀 is not good as Flickr (yet) but it’s in Test phase.

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