Please sell me your stuff, Apple

I can’t be the only one tiring of the Apple hype. It was great when they were just a niche manufacturer of computers for the graphics industry… but now they’ve claimed a market monopoly, the rules – and the expectations – have to change.

A new joint venture between Apple and Nike brings us the (fabulous looking) Nike+ ‘sport kit’ for the iPod Nano. You attach a ‘chip’ to your running shoes, plug an attachment into your iPod, and it records how far you’ve run, in what time, and talks to you as you run. It’s a fantastic innovation, at a startlingly good price… just £19 for the attachment, on top of the Nano itself. A range of new Nike running shoes is optimised for the chip, but these are optional, I think. (An early review on the Runner’s World website, if you’re interested.)

As luck would have it, I found myself outside Apple’s flagship store on London’s Regent Street yesterday. No publicity for the Nike+ gadget. So knowing it was due out soon, I asked one of the ‘geniuses’ if there was any news regarding its release. No. Nothing. Blank looks. Suggested I went to the Nike shop round the corner. So not even your own online store then, which has it for sale just 24 hours later? Brilliant.

I have £120 earmarked to buy a new Nano, and one of these. It’s yours if you want it, Apple. But I’m not sure you do.