Sky News blog keeps its distance

Sky’s new News Brief blog is a real disappointment. They’ve recognised there’s a gap in the market for a forward-looking blog, and promise: ‘News Brief is Sky News’ weekday blog to keep you up-to-date with what’s coming up. Exclusives, interviews, press conferences and hot topics – we’ll let you know ahead of time.’ But the resulting content is a rather ugly bullet-point sheet. There’s no sense of personality, no character to it.

When this was first announced, I wrote about how this could be a great way to bring people into the Sky team. Remarkably, I think they’ve managed to do the opposite, reinforcing the distance between writer and reader. The anonymous and very impersonal third-person style – ‘Sky News has’, ‘Sky News is’ – makes it nothing more than a daily press release, when it could have been so much more. What a pity.

One thought on “Sky News blog keeps its distance”

  1. It is a shame that they’re limiting it to just bullet points, but i think Sky are upping their blog presence slowly but surely, and there will be some more changes to them over the summer.
    keep up the blog – all v interesting

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