Britain's blog breakthrough?

It’s no Watergate, but the Prescott-Anschutz story gets front-page treatment in today’s Media Guardian, which calls it ‘first big British political story to be driven by bloggers’.

But what makes me cringe is the sidebar inside, in which Britain’s self-proclaimed no1 political blogger Guido Fawkes decides to open up a European front in the utterly pointless war between bloggers and MainStream Media:

Go to the Oxford Union and ask our future political class who they read more often – the Times’ Peter Riddell or Guido Fawkes’ blog? Next ask them who they trust more? It is no contest. With 200,000 hits a month and rising, my politics blog is more trusted than the Times’ pompous political columnist… Big Media is going to be disintermediated because technology has drastically reduced the cost of dissemination.

Yet arguably the most significant blogging in UK politics (sorry Guido) is happening in the MainStream Media: think Nick Robinson, think Comment Is Free. Let’s concentrate on the real battle out there: it isn’t between MSM and blogs, it isn’t even between left-wing and right-wing. It’s between those who give a damn, and those who don’t.