Sell to government, for a fee is a dynamic new government-backed service designed specifically to give companies easy access to lower-value contract opportunities (typically worth under £100,000) offered by the public sector.’ But don’t be fooled by the prevalence of the word ‘free’ – if you want to see opportunities out of your immediate locality, you’re going to have to pay for them. Not a huge amount exactly, but still, it’s another cashflow hit.

A couple of words of advice, guys. There shouldn’t be an apostrophe in explanation of area’s. (Ouch, it even hurt me to type that out.) And can I suggest you don’t refer to the Republic of Ireland as one of the ‘home countries‘, or lump it into a ‘national’ category with the United Kingdom. Last time I checked my passport, Ireland was a separate nation from the UK. It’s even recognised as such by the United Nations. Granted, you can walk from one to the other without getting wet – but then again, these days, you can walk to France too.

Sorry to labour the point, but people have a nasty habit of killing each other over precisely this issue.