Best blogging platforms for business

An interesting posting from Forrester researcher Charlene Li rates the various blogging platforms out there, and identifies ‘three clear leaders’ – Movable Type, WordPress and iUpload. The first two were pretty obvious choices, but I confess, iUpload is a new name to me.
Charlene includes one line from her full report which rings many bells: ‘a company just dipping its toes into the blogging waters may want to start with Typepad with the goal of transitioning to a more robust, software-based platform in the future.’ Certainly that’s what I’ve been encouraging people to do… and you don’t have to look too hard to find plenty of big names, especially in the media business, doing likewise. Here’s a few to get you started: the Daily Mail group, The Times, Sky News… and until recently, the BBC. Oh yeah… and Charlene herself.
Is it worth mentioning that that Six Apart has an affiliate scheme, where people can earn $3 for every subscriber they pass on to Typepad? 😉

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