Setting your Sky+ via the web

Few technologies have changed my life the way Sky+ has. It’s now extremely rare that we ever watch anything at the time of its original broadcast… and not just because we have a baby daughter to contend with. (The one exception, though, is live sport; there’s just no fun in fast-forwarding through it.)

Something in this month’s Sky magazine caught my attention en route to the recycling bin – the ability to set your Sky+ via mobile phone. I’m quite excited about this… but as a Windows Mobile smartphone fan, it’s very disappointing to see that the Sky By Mobile system isn’t compatible with my own pocket. 🙁

But salvation is at hand: according to Media Guardian, ‘By the end of July the service will also be made available on’ If anything, the web seems the more logical place to use such a service. How many people will browse through the hundreds of digital TV channels on their mobile phone’s tiny screen, to see what’s available?

I have a nasty feeling I’ll start setting the (downstairs) Sky+ box from the (upstairs) PC. Just because I can.