Blogosphere burnout

There’s something really interesting going on here. First, Scoble quits Microsoft. Then, Om Malik – not someone I read myself, but I see the ripples, if you know what I mean – announces he’s leaving his day-job to live off his influential blog. Now this from Simon Waldman, Director of Digital Publishing at The Guardian:

I think the last two to three years have seen an explosion in ideas – and I think that phase is over. What started out as vague concepts and half baked ideas in the blogosphere have now become standard fodder for every media exec in town. Some really believe it. Others just mouth the words as if it was a speech in Greek they’ve learned off by heart. But the overall message is pretty much the same. It’s not that new ideas aren’t going to pop up – just that there’s already a huge backlog between the things that we are all talking about and what we’re doing. The net result of this is that those of us who work within media organisations – even those of us who like nothing more than spouting off in public – have to shut up, pull down the shutters and start delivering stuff.

There are a heck of a lot of people out there saying the same thing. Myself included.