Guardian's 'web first' policy… it's about time

As if to underline the point I made yesterday about the insanity of the Telegraph’s new ‘slow news’ policy… the Guardian announces its plan to do precisely the opposite.

The Guardian will become the first British national newspaper to offer a “web first” service that will see major news by foreign correspondents and business journalists put online before it appears in the paper. The shift in strategy marks a significant departure from the established routine of newspaper publishing where stories are held for “once-a-day” publishing.

I can’t help feeling this is an odd area of debate, though… it illustrates just how far we haven’t come in this  new media revolution. How could they rationally justify sitting on an article for several hours (or more?) when it has been written, subbed, checked, signed off, the lot?

We’re seeing all news channels encroaching on each other’s turf. Broadcasters are producing written stuff, print media are moving into broadcasting. It’s all just content, guys. There’s no such thing as a cycle… the world keeps turning, the news keeps happening. The only thing we should be beholden to, is the news itself.

Still nothing on the Telegraph Upload blog, incidentally. 🙁