Slow news days

Er, is the Daily Telegraph really planning to consciously slow down the appearance of its online content? A posting on the Guardian‘s website seems to suggest so.

The Daily Telegraph website is to put its online content up later in the day in a bid to encourage more of its online readers to buy the printed newspaper. “We hope that a new content management system will allow us to time content to go up online, at the moment our system doesn’t allow us to do that automatically,” said Telegraph Media Group new media director Annelies van den Belt. Ms van den Belt said it was planned that individual section editors would decide what time content from the paper was posted online. Later posting could increase newsprint sales, “as long as we give them added value and relevance online and in the paper.”

I bet it won’t. This won’t give me any added incentive to buy the newspaper. In fact, it makes me more likely to go somewhere else entirely. How can you possibly have a news website which doesn’t deliver the most up-to-date content? Even if it’s only the feature material, rather than hard news stuff, you won’t get away from a perception that the Telegraph site isn’t interested in fast updates.

I look forward to seeing what the team’s Upload blog has to say about this. You are going to say something chaps, aren’t you?