New software for Pure's The Bug DAB radio

I bought one of Pure Digital's The Bug DAB radios, and I've been delighted with it. The quirky design appeals to my sense of humour; and the functionality is superb. Sound quality is great too.
In the last couple of weeks, they've released a new version of the system software. But you'll only find details of it here – not on, for some reason. Version 2.0 adds a few nice features, most notably an on-screen Programme Guide. Now, as long as you're not expecting Sky+ or anything, you should be pleasantly surprised. It's a dramatic improvement on the previous attempt (v1.3b). Only the BBC channels are properly covered so far, certainly in my area, but realistically you'd only be using it for Radios 2, 4 and the World Service anyway.
The extended number of 'timed events' (ie scheduled recordings) and the ability to scroll at will through the (usually pointless) scrolling messages may come in handy too. The company claims to have improved various aspects of recording to SD card too, but nothing I've particularly noticed so far.
If you haven't upgraded your Bug's software since you bought it, now's the time to do it. It's a quick and painless process. All you'll need is a USB cable – but be warned, The Bug has a 'type B' USB on it, where you're probably more used to seeing 'type A' sockets. You'll need a type A (male) to type B (male) cable. You could probably pick one of these up from PC World for ten or fifteen quid – or from someone like Amazon for well under a pound.