Big redesign at the Telegraph

I gave the Telegraph some stick when they launched a series of blogs without RSS feeds… so it’s only fair that I mention that RSS feeds are now available, as part of the Telegraph’s new-look website. It’s quite a shock to the system initially, given the way Telegraph websites have looked in the past… but I like it, I think.

Perhaps coincidence, perhaps ‘great minds thinking alike’, there are definite similarities with the online versions of fellow ‘broadsheet’ newspapers, like The Timeses of London and New York. It seems to assume a full 1024×768 screen space, and uses larger fonts, larger pictures, larger promos… larger everything, really.

But I’m still waiting for someone to really bite the bullet, and give us a way-over-the-top re-design. With so many people using broadband, and at ever-greater speeds, the reasons not to are diminishing rapidly. Full-screen images and 72pt text (or more?!) are not far away, believe me.