Myspace is *so* 2005

A great piece by Hitwise’s Heather Hopkins (‘Triple H’?) charting the rise of and its imminent leapfrogging of everyone’s current favourite kidz community, Myspace. Bebo is certainly a lot prettier than Myspace, and the tie-up with Skype hints at a more open approach. But I wouldn’t count Myspace out yet… as I still think the connection with the music business will be its defining characteristic. I’ve noticed a growing number of bands’ websites including a prominent link to ‘our Myspace pages’ in their primary navigation (eg The Streets). Bebo, meanwhile, looks like it wants to be Friends Reunited for those who haven’t left a school yet. I feel far too old to even register for it.

2 thoughts on “Myspace is *so* 2005”

  1. Simon, I agree – Bebo is all about schools! I registered for the site and found it difficult to connect with others, unless I added a school to my profile. We also noticed this in the profile of visitors. Visitors to MySpace tend to be a bit older than those to Bebo. MySpace visitors are still young – but university aged students rather than those under 18. Keep reading! – Triple H! 🙂

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