E-government's killer app

Further confirmation today that the biggest thing in e-government is actually job hunting. Consistently, the #1 ranked website in UK e-government – and by some considerable distance, as I understand it – is DWP's Job Centre Plus.
But I've also discovered that the #1 website from Northern Ireland's public sector is its equivalent site, Job Centre Online. And if figures from Alexa can be taken at face value – and typically, of course, they can't – it also leaves the (local) competition for dead. By my initial reckoning (i.e. guesswork), I'd put it at about #65 in UK-wide terms; I'm hoping to get confirmation of this shortly.
I'm not sure how widely known this is. I was told today that Hitwise, usually the main source for this sort of ranking information, had classified jobcentreonline.com as a US-based private sector site. I guess that's the risk you take with a dot-com domain.