Joga: not as bonito as it could be

Finally got access to, the soccer-based social site from Nike and Google… and I'm really quite disappointed. The login process is tortuous, with no obvious purpose. Does it want to know about me as a football player, or as a fan? Seems to be a bit of both. Once you finally get through the lengthy forms, you're left with a disappointingly empty 'homepage'. I expected there to be a library of photos and videos for me to start pinning to my page… but if they're in there, it isn't obvious. And when I try to upload some JPGs of my own, I'm told they are corrupt (eh?).
This should be a brilliant community site. A space on the web for you to customise with photos and videos of your favourite players and teams. A grafitti wall on which to scrawl your thoughts on the sport. A chance to engage in a bit of good-natured banter with fellow fans, and your team's local rivals. But, certainly at first glance, it isn't really any of these. And I really don't feel inclined to work at it, to make it better for myself or anyone else. A missed opportunity, frankly.