More Google innovation: data charts

Great presentation of data is something I’m surprised we don’t see more of. So full marks to Google (again!) for doing something smart with it, on its new Google Finance site.
For any share price, say Microsoft, you get an instant graph of the last couple of days, with the important news stories flagged on top. You get a nice zoom effect when you choose a different timeframe, either clicking the presets or dragging the boundaries – and keeping up the example of its mapping app, you can drag the chart left and right. (I’m particularly impressed by the way the Y-axis regenerates.) Look for some other nice tricks, like the hover effects on ‘related stories’ and ‘management’.
It’s all driven by Flash, rather than Ajax, but I doubt many people will notice, and fewer still will care. Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny reckons they could have done ‘a ton of stuff… to really blow people away’, but this will do me for now. 🙂