MSN back on T-Mobile MDA Pro

T-Mobile UK have brought out a ROM upgrade for their MDA Pro PDA/smartphone (aka the HTC Universal). I installed it last night, and although things have been a bit temperamental today, it’s worth having for one simple reason – the restoration of Pocket MSN, including the mobile Hotmail and MSN Messenger clients, which T-M chose (for some reason) not to include in the first place. (I’ve spotted a few other tweaks too, but nothing worth mentioning here to be honest.)
I found details on the enthusiasts’ site Be warned – the discussion is geeky, but the download is valid. Just bear in mind that (a) it really will take about 20 minutes; and (b) it will wipe everything in your ‘main memory’. Be sure to back up your contacts and calendar, and be prepared to reinstall your favourite downloaded apps.