The Digg effect

My piece yesterday on Ricky Gervais’s podcast gave me my first first-hand experience of being ‘dugg’. (Yes, it’s a word.) OK, so it’s probably bad form to ‘digg’ your own story… but I was fascinated to see what sort of effect it would have on traffic to my humble blog.
The answer? It was instant, and it was big. Within seconds of submitting the story, I started seeing referrals from Maybe I was lucky with my timing, or maybe people really have nothing to do but watch the new stories pop up. (The live Digg Spy view is fantastic, if you’ve never seen it.) A day and a bit later, and we’re well into three figures hitting that story alone. Nothing in A-list blogger terms, maybe, but pretty good in my book. I’m still seeing a few referrals, although mostly now from searches of the Digg archive.