Windows Vista brings pen computing to the masses

Delighted to see that Media Center and Tablet PC functionality will be part of the mainstream versions of Windows Vista, as opposed to separate editions (confirmed in a press release at the weekend). I used to have a Tablet PC whilst working at Microsoft, and I became quite enamoured of it. I have to say though, most people – even inside Microsoft – only used their Tablet as an ordinary laptop.

‘Tablet’ computing is definitely the way to go, especially if you’re in the creative business. I picked up a Trust wireless tablet (with mouse too) for just over £20 at Tesco’s a few weeks ago, and after a short period of adaptation, I love it to bits. The key was remembering that (ordinary) Windows XP includes an option to replace double clicks with a single click. Open up Windows Explorer, click on ‘Tools’ then ‘Folder options’ – and click on ‘Single-click to open an item’. It makes all the difference. (I also find it helpful to switch on underlining when I hover over a link.)

Once you’ve used a pen, you’ll wonder why we ever had the mouse in the first place.