Driven to distraction

If anyone tells you that RSS is a cure for information overload, they’re lying. I spent all day yesterday at a client site, and didn’t get to clear out my daily Bloglines reading. Only 60-odd feeds… and yet when I log in this morning, I’m looking at 800 unread items. Hugh MacLeod, I’m looking at you here. Although Google didn’t help by doing this.
Incidentally, if you’re looking for UK driving directions on the web, there’s a clear winner. For the same journey from Newbury to Runcorn, MSN and Google gave me almost identical routes. MSN reckoned the 182 mile journey would take 2h 38, which basically requires you to go at 70mph the whole way. Google gave a more reasonable 3h 56.
The clear winner is – the AA. Its time estimate was the closest at 3h 37, and its results page was by far the most usable. Simple things like highlighting the road numbers in colour, and telling you where the service stations are, put it head-and-shoulders above the rest.