Anyone suggest a good RSS reader for total novices?

Does anyone have any experience with RSS reader software that:

  • is freeware;
  • is portable (ie. sits in its own directory only, for easy setup);
  • is dead easy to use, for total novices;
  • is OK with feeds published locally on an intranet; and
  • doesn’t have the word ‘Blog’ in its name?

One of my current jobs is with a contact centre (telephone calls, email, letters). They’re having problems keeping track of developments in other parts of the same organisation, on other sites. When a new press release is issued by the press office, for example, they all need to know it’s there – and word doesn’t always get through. I’m seeing RSS feeds as a possible solution: quick and easy to implement, popup alerts on the desktop, etc etc.
But we’re talking about a user community who have zero experience with RSS as a technology. Giving them a full-strength three-panel tool (like Blog Navigator or RSS Bandit) will be too much for them. Web-based tools are out too, as we’ll be publishing a lot of the necessary feeds on their intranet only.
I’ll be trying a few candidates over the next few days. I like the look of Nutshell, which is a name I hadn’t come across before yesterday. Greatnews gets a very good write-up as a ‘portable app’. cRSSReader looks good, but the .NET thing could be a problem. Does anyone have any experience with these… or any better suggestions?
UPDATE: I plumped for Abilon in the end. Here’s why…

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