Microsoft's enlightened blogging policy

Many thanks to Microsoftie Mark Harrison for pointing to these simple instructions on applying unofficial new themes to Windows XP. I’ve tried a few out over the course of the day, and most (if not all?) contain the odd bug. But life is definitely a lot prettier as a result. (I strongly recommend GuiAirB1, by the way.)
Mark’s a lucky man. Most employers would invite you into the boss’s office for a chat if you suggested downloading an unlocked (ie ‘hacked’) version of a software component.
I know from my own time at Microsoft that the company takes a very relaxed – or, perhaps more fairly, a very lax – attitude to blogging. Before I worked there, I assumed someone at executive level had taken an enlightened decision to back blogging. But having spoken to Betsy Aoki, one of the leading bloggers at Redmond, I discovered it was more of an organic thing which nobody bothered to stop. And now, it’s far too late to do so.

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