Intellectual spam

I’ve always been conscientious about (un)ticking the box that says ‘we want to share your details with carefully selected spammers’. So – fortunately – I don’t tend to see very much spam, and if anything, even less since I switched to Gmail as my main email service.
Last week I got hit with a handful of messages, all following a similar format – and hence, presumably, part of the same virus. Full marks to the author, for such creative subject lines, and unusually ambitious grammar!

  • These more economically pricestickered curatives are right available.
  • Swapping to these health products shop has been an easy arrangement for heaps of customers.
  • I really can’t find out a convincing reason not to do this.

and my personal favourite…

  • I am sick of paying outrageous price tags for your mitigating products. What is your opinion?