Brilliant email idea from Eudora

The word ‘Eudora’ came up in conversation this morning. Ten years ago it was the leading email application. Then came Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail, Gmail… etc etc. I hadn’t heard anything about Eudora in a-g-e-s, so I thought I’d check their website and see if they were still going.
They are – and they’ve got one absolutely killer feature in their latest version. We can all think of instances where we wish we’d had this:

BossWatch will alert you to the presence of email addresses that are designated based on your personal communication preferences. These addresses can be designated by name or domain. The magenta Send button text and underlined name in the Recipient field will alert you of the clients address in the reply list.

Sadly, I don’t think this will mark Eudora’s return from the grave. Outlook Express is dead, but there will be a Windows Mail (and most interestingly, a Windows Calendar) built into Windows Vista.