RSS built into new Sony Ericsson phones

Further evidence of RSS’s move into the mainstream today, from an unexpected source. Sony Ericsson has announced that its new 3G mobile phone, the K610, will have an RSS reader on board. The guys at Tech Digest got their hands on one during the big 3GSM conference in Barcelona, but weren’t able to find out too much about its RSS capabilities.
Sony Ericsson’s T610 was the phone everybody seemed to have at one point, and the naming of this new model can’t be a coincidence. Tech Digest reckons ‘this is solid mid market 3G fare and should do well for the company. I expect it will be grabbed by most UK networks.’ That means a very, very large number of people are going to have an RSS reader in their pocket, although they may not realise it.
Tech Digest also points out there’s an RSS reader in Sony Ericsson’s new ‘Blackberry killer’, the M600 – although as this bills itself as more of a ‘smartphone’, that’s more to be expected. If anything, it makes the appearance of the software in the ‘mass market’ product all the more interesting.