Picajet freeware beats the big boys

Wow – it turns out that the little guy can still do a better job than the big corporates.
I’ve been looking for a library program to bring some sense to my photo collection, before it gets totally ridiculous. I tried Google’s Picasa, and whilst it looks gorgeous, it’s missing some critical features – I couldn’t find any easy way to call up only the photos I’d just added, for example. I tried the free Adobe Photoshop Album, and whilst I really liked its keyword tagging, it refused to open a surprising number of my pics (just standard JPGs?!). Both were full of extra commercially-driven features, which I didn’t want.
Today I came across Picajet, which comes in freeware and paid-for versions. And I’m delighted to say, it’s the best of both worlds. Very neat drag-and-drop keyword tagging, easy searching and filtering, everything I was looking for. Plus a few other cute things, like a choice of skins, so you get a say in what it looks like. A very easy way to win your heart as well as your mind. At the moment, it’s a clear winner.
Now I just need to go through all my photos and tag them up… 🙁