Blogs in a communication crisis

How did I miss this? A stroke of genius from Steve Rubel a couple of weeks ago… and cheers to Antony Mayfield for mentioning it today. A ‘crisis blog’, full of ready-made defensive material, would be a fabulous piece of ‘communications contingency’. But it sparked off a slightly different idea in my mind.
For obvious reasons, a lot of government departments are suddenly a lot more interested in crisis plans than they were a few years ago. Let’s imagine the worst did happen – say a huge bomb in Whitehall, forcing the closure and evacuation of most major government offices. A time when we need a constant flow of information updates, probably from a remote location. A quick DNS switch, and each department’s main URL could point to a ‘crisis blog’, hosted externally at somewhere like Typepad, carrying the very latest updates, as they happen. Hey, the comms manager could even send the updates via his/her mobile phone or PDA.