Google brings chat to email

Google just has a habit of getting things right, don’t they? Esther Dyson thinks it’s ‘blind evolution… they don’t really see where they’re going (and) neither do we.’ But it keeps delivering. (Thanks to Lloyd for the link.)
Today’s hot news is the integration of instant messaging within Gmail – without the need for Google’s IM/VOIP client software. On reflection, of course, this is the most natural thing in the world. Don’t you find yourself, all too often, firing emails back and forward to someone, when an IM session would be much smarter? Er… so why didn’t everyone else think of it? And full marks for just doing it, without a teaser announcement.
I use Gmail for (pretty much) all my email these days. This is why. I’m sorry for even thinking about switching to the new Hotmail, guys. Just give us something like Windows Live Domains next, please.