Arctic Monkeys: the new Hear'Say

The Arctic Monkeys may or may not be 2006’s answer to The Strokes. But you can’t knock the fact that their ‘disruptive’ approach to promoting themselves and their music has worked.
Actually, that’s not strong enough. This doesn’t just prove that the ‘disruption’ model can be successful. Arguably, it proves that it works better than any other strategy has worked since the 1960s. According to an HMV spokesperson:

‘In terms of sheer impact, where a band has come from virtual obscurity to achieve huge, overnight success, we haven’t seen anything quite like this since the Beatles.’

Or rather, technically, since Hear’Say… and suddenly it doesn’t sound quite as sexy, does it. Time will tell if it merits its place as one of the five best British albums ever, ever, ever, as listed in this week’s NME.