Myspace coming to Britain

As reported by the BBC: ‘A UK version of the social networking site is to be launched “within the next 30 days”.’ I guess it’ll be another scramble for the good URLs as soon as the door opens.
Lloyd Shepherd from the Guardian wonders how they will ‘localise’ the service, and how they’ll shift users from the US (and by extension, global) service to the new one. But if the plan is to base it on CD:UK, and the Saturday morning music show demographic, I can see it succeeding.
Boy bands in particular have a history of staying (largely) within their geographic territory. Justin Timberlake’s mates, *NSYNC were never quite as big over here as they were over there. From this side of the Atlantic, Westlife have had one single in the Billboard Top 20, and only at #20 at that!, despite the natural potential for an ‘Irish American’ audience. Boyzone and Take That didn’t do much better.

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