Changing the homepage on T-Mobile MDA Pro

I’m not a huge fan of Pocket Internet Explorer on on my T-Mobile MDA Pro, running Windows Mobile 5. On occasions its rendering of HTML can be, er, curious. But more annoyingly, there’s no easy way to change the homepage. I’ve been stuck with T-Mobile’s own T-Zones. But one quick freeware download later, I’ve managed to change it to my preferred ‘about:blank’.
How to do it? Start by downloading the free Mobile Registry Editor. It doesn’t claim compatibility with WM5, but I had no problems. You’ll need Microsoft’s .NET 1.1 framework, but if you’re engaging in the blogosphere, you’re probably OK with that sort of thing. It’s a carbon copy of Windows’ own Regedit, so you should be on familiar territory. Once it’s installed on your PC, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREHTCPIEPlug. And lo, there’s the offending T-Zones entry. Just double-click on it, and change it to whatever you want. Hooray!
Mind you, all this could be academic. I’ve got a copy of the new Opera v8.5 for PocketPC downloaded, ready for testing over the next few days. I’m fully expecting to shell out the necessary $29 when the free trial period runs out.