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Thursday 27 March 2008

No10 now on Twitter

There isn't much to see there yet, but 10 Downing Street has just opened an official Twitter account. Like a lot of corporate presences, it's based - in these initial stages at least - on their existing RSS output, and the free Twitterfeed web service. But I had a very interesting chat this afternoon with No10's new head of digital... and he's eagerly exploring what they might do next.

Just as interesting: I think I 'broke the story' when I mentioned it to my own (relatively) select band of Twitter contacts. I was subscriber no3. Two hours later, we're up to 23. Word travels fast.

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  2. Simon says:

    Nearly bedtime, and we've passed 100 subscribers. A nice case study of the power of Twitter,you might say.

    Thanks to everyone who's blogged it, and especially to those who've bothered to correct other people's claims to have broken the story. For the record, I posted the update from my mobile phone, standing just outside the gates to No10 itself, having been inside for a coffee. That gave me a bit of a headstart on most people...

  3. Simon says:

    My favourite reference to this so far is 'It seems that someone may be Twittering from the U.K. prime minister's office. If not, it's a pretty well-conceived hoax.'

    I love the fact they're almost expecting it to be a hoax... ;)

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