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Thursday 7 February 2008

WordPress as a CRM tool?

Another example of why I love WordPress. Somebody has built a new theme which, with the help of a few common plugins, becomes a contact manager - with search, tagging, 'related people', etc. But I think it can be pushed further.

Using the standard WordPress comment functionality, I don't see any reason why you couldn't turn this into quite a sophisticated CRM tool, along the lines of 37signals' Highrise. You'd automatically get an RSS feed per 'client', and a global RSS feed for 'all client activity'. Plus, it would all happen on the client page - no need to go 'back end'. Ooh, I'm buzzing with ideas on this one already.

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  2. Jeremy Gould says:

    Interesting. How big do you think it could scale?

  3. Simon says:

    Can't see scale being a problem, although I'll bow to those with better knowledge of the really geeky stuff. Worst case: there's a semi-official plugin which switches your site to static HTML delivery, and claims to have handled serious Digg-ing and Slashdotting OK.

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    Here is something cool along these lines.

    We should not worry about Digging because Turbo mode or "WP Supercache" handle that.

    One thing Slip fire has done is tell Google not to crawl your pages.

    I think most business would prefer there database be private anyway.

  6. Been reading a lot about this subject lately. As webdesigns we have to offer more value to customers and combining CMS and CRM seems the ideal solution. Look at what business catalyst are doing - just been aquired by adobe so they see theres a future...